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Solarpro's Accessory Catalog

Connecting accessories for Isurit roofs and "kal-zip" roofs


rglit made of one hardness is used to install on rooftops with inclines to the east and west. The triangle plane on which the habits are made up is perched on the roof surface on which the triangles are made up. The rglit saves a base profile because the foot connects directly within the triangle


To connect the chems to the roofs of issy, we use sandals. Consisting of two pieces of aluminium and an upper sandal that connects to a base profile and a lower sandal that connects to the roof. Used to install straight systems on roofs with north-south inclines


On our kal-zip connector, you can assemble various adapters, different accessories and triangles. You can assemble the Bending triangles with an adapter directly to the kal-zip connector without any Base profile

Flat Sandal

A flat sandal is used to install with a root profile on the flat-panel setting and enables quick and easy assembly

Raising Columns

An adroil column is used for parallel roof installation and no bending triangles makes it easy and efficient to install the building to the roof


The Omega is built of two parts that enable the change of Omega width and is intended primarily for diagonal installations on the roof. The Omegas are built of two parts suitable for all types of ischemia

Connecting with variable angle

Variable Angle raglit

Varying-angle feet are made up of two parts. The angle between the base of the foot and the body of the foot varies as needed. They are used for installations on roofs with grads to the east and west

Connecting accessories for flat roofs and tiled roofs

Accessory to solar system on roof tile

Connecting accessory to Roof tiles S100

Accessory to solar system on roof tile

Accessory roof tile S100 90 degrees

Accessory to solar system on roof tile

Tiled roof connecting accessory

Link to a structural connection to a roof roof

Connecting accessory for a tiled roof 3 height directions

construction weight 65 kg

Solar System Locks

The Solarpro-made locks protect your private power station from Theft and unloading

System Accessories

Edge Clamp for Glass panel

Edge Stapler

Double stapler

Cork Profile 50 mm

Home Connection profile

Square Connection Profile

Double disc for connecting to a triangle

Cork for home profile

Dual-Disc connector

Double Clamp for Glass panel

Stainless Steel cable connector

Clamp connector for triangle No. 3

Clamp connector for triangle No. 2

Clamp connector for triangle No. 1

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