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Solarpro is a company active in the field of solar energy and specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing constructions for solar systems. The company has extensive experience in the field while carrying out projects since 2009. Over the years, we have provided constrations for solar systems over 200MW.


All materials used in our constructions have good durability in environmental conditions. We emphasize the selection of materials that do not form a galvanic cell problem and with good durability in UV
Today we have more than 50 different profiles that everyone is the fruit of our development and are manufactured exclusively for us. The various profiles provide optimal response to all types of constructions on all types of roofs. In planning all the profiles, emphasis was placed on every detail in order to get the best mechanical features to get the most comfortable and fastest design to assemble and also emphasis on the aesthetic appearance of constructions

Constructions include some basic ingredients. The simplicity of the construction, and the friendliness of use and connection of the various profiles greatly reduce the assembly time. This makes saving about 50% of the construction assembly costs

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