In Solarpro we manufacture construction for solar systems for private homes and commercial areas from 2009. Technological innovation, solar design and accessories that we have developed provide for your system

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Technological innovation

The Solarpro constructions of solar systems are based on smart and innovative profiles that have unique threaded slots that enable you to place the screw screws at each point on the profile without drilling or nuts, thereby ensuring a significant strength and accuracy and a light and aesthetic assembly

Solar System at Beit Shemesh installation on the roof with connecting accessories 120KW

?Why is the construction of Solarpro solar system the best and the most worthwhile

Fast and efficient roof installation

Accurate solar design

Quality production and service system

Sample Projects

Ben Gurion International Airport

Roof Type :Ischoric
Installation Type : Easy Zip
System Size: 3.9MW

Ben Gurion International Airport

Roof type: Isurit
Installation Type: Easy zip
System Size: 3.9 MW

Beit Shemesh

Roof type: Isurit
Installation Type: raglit
System Size: 120KW

Tirat Zvi

Roof type: Isurit
Installation Type: base profiles
System Size: 538KW


Roof Type: Roof tiles
Installation Type: Shingles
System Size: 20KW

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